A City in Indiana Is Trying to Lure New Residents with a Stand-In Grandparenting Service?

Would you move to a small town in Indiana?  What about if they provided you stand-in grandparents for babysitting and school activities?

A rural city in southeastern Indiana called Greensburg is trying to attract new residents by offering a welcome package that includes $5,000 in cash, invitations to home-cooked meals at neighbors’ homes, one-year memberships to the local co-working space and YMCA, free gift cards to the seasonal farmers market, tickets to the local playhouse, and local volunteer “grandparents” to babysit your children.

They’re specifically targeting families who can now work remote permanently, which of course is something that’s becoming much more common.

For now, there’s one couple who’s volunteered to be the “grandparents” for up to five families.  But if there’s enough interest, other local grandparents are ready to step in and help.  And supposedly, they’ve had a LOT of interest.

Greensburg has about 13,000 people.  A company called MakeMyMove is helping them, and they’re hoping to help relocate remote workers to many other smaller communities throughout the country. 


(Local 21 News)