A City in China Is Letting People Out of Traffic Tickets If They Confess on Social Media and Get at Least 20 Likes

I’m not sure if we’d even consider this a “penalty” here in the U.S.  Half of us post about this kind of stuff on Facebook anyway.  Last week, a city in southwest China started forgiving fines for minor traffic offenses, and things like jaywalking.  But to get out of the fine, you have to CONFESS on social media.  And your post has to get more than 20 likes.


Only a handful of people have done it so far.  The cops are mostly targeting people on bikes and scooters, in areas where they tend to hand out a lot of tickets.


The idea is that shaming people online will have a bigger impact than handing out fines.  Plus, it’ll spread awareness and make the roads safer.  And if it works, they’re going to do it in other areas too.


Here’s what one guy who got pulled over on his scooter had to write.  “I was seized by traffic police when driving my scooter in the wrong direction at an intersection.  I have learned it was wrong after education by the traffic police officer.  I would like to remind internet users to learn from my lesson.”


(South China Morning Post / Newsweek)