A Car Dealership Gave a Cancer Patient a New Car After Hers Was Stolen

There’s a 60-year-old woman near Boston named Kate Barnett who’s battling cancer.  And she has nerve damage in her legs from the chemo, so she has to use a wheelchair to get around.  So she’s already having a tough time.  Then a few weeks ago, she was out shopping when someone stole her CAR.  And her wheelchair and wallet were inside, along with about $1,000.


A local news station did a story about it, and she pleaded with whoever stole it to bring it back.  She said she wouldn’t press charges, she just needed her car.  It’s an old Dodge Neon that’s not worth much.  But it’s big enough to fit her wheelchair in the back.


Well, the jerk who took it still hasn’t brought it back.  But it turns out she doesn’t need it.  Brian Kelly is the president of Kelly Automotive Group, and has nine car dealerships in Massachusetts.  He happened to see the story on the news, and felt so bad for Kate he decided to give her a NEW car.


He found a few different options that could work for her, and let her pick the car she wanted.  She went with a Nissan, and got the keys on Monday.  Plus, after the story aired OTHER people started calling in to ask how to give her money, and get her a new wheelchair.


(Here’s a photo of Kate getting her new car.)



(CBS Boston)