A California DMV Worker Was Busted For Spending More Than a Year on the Job Sleeping

 I’m pretty sure this woman has spent more time sleeping at WORK over the past few years than I’ve spent sleeping in my BED.



The California state auditor’s office just released a report on “state worker misconduct” . . . and there’s one case that REALLY stands out.



There’s an employee at the DMV who spent THOUSANDS of hours sleeping on the job.  Between February of 2014 and last December, she slept more than 2,200 hours on the clock.  That adds up to a total of 275 work days, or more than a full work year.



Apparently her boss reported they had to wake her up three or four times every DAY . . . but the boss thought the woman might be sleeping because of a medical condition, so they didn’t push the issue.



And obviously, all of that sleeping affected her work . . . she processed less than half of the papers she was supposed to during the time period.



BUT . . . as far as we know, she’s STILL employed because her boss didn’t fill out the proper forms to discipline her.  So all she got was a warning. 



(San Francisco Chronicle)