A Bunch of Guys at a Bar Cursed at Lance Armstrong . . . So He Picked Up Their Tab?

  In an interview with the Freakonomics podcast LANCE ARMSTRONG said he was walking past a bar patio in Denver last summer when some guys recognized him.



One said, “Hey Lance,” and Lance was expecting him to send some love his way, but he didn’t.  When Lance looked up, the guy just looked at him and said, “[Eff] you!  [Eff] you!  [Eff] you!”  And then, everyone else on the patio JOINED IN.



Lance said that 10 years ago, he’d have tried to FIGHT them . . . but it’s different now.  “I’ve never had that happen.  I was like, ‘Oh.’  I was shaking!”



He got in an Uber and left, but as soon as he got to his destination, he called the manager of the bar, and told him who he was and what had happened.  The guy apologized, but that’s not what Lance was after.



He gave the manager his credit card number and told him to pick up everybody’s tab.  He said, “And tell them that I understand.” 



He added, “That’s the best thing that I could come up with.  Just to say to those people ‘Look, I get it.'”