A $6 Pendant that “Protects” You from 5G Might Emit a Dangerous Amount of Radiation

Give that conspiracy theorist cousin of yours a call on his non-5G phone, because he might own one of these:  A consumer protection group in the Netherlands issued a warning about a weird pendant necklace that’s supposed to block 5G signals, because it might emit a dangerous amount of radiation.

It’s called a “Quantum Pendant,” and Amazon sells them for $6.  They’re supposed to protect you from 5G signals, which some people still think are dangerous.  But it turns out the pendant itself might be harmful.

They say the amount of radiation it gives off probably isn’t enough to be dangerous short term.  But if you wear it around your neck every day, it could be.  One of the symptoms is a rash on your chest where the pendant rests against your skin.

Here’s a photo.  They also issued warnings for several bracelets and sleep masks.