67% of Us Would Move If It Wasn’t Such a Hassle

 HERE’S how awful it is to move:  The vast majority of us would rather keep on living in places we HATE just to avoid having to pack a bunch of boxes and carry a couch.


According to a new survey, 67% of people say they would definitely or probably move if it wasn’t such a hassle.

And 66% say they legitimately don’t like where they live right now.

The survey also found the top four things that actually WILL get us to move.  Check ’em out . . .


1.  We need a cheaper place.


2.  A job.


3.  A terrible neighbor.


4.  We need a better place for our PET.



And one more thing from the survey:  39% of people have LIED to a friend to get out of helping them move. 



(PR Newswire)