5 Coronavirus Updates: Sharon Stone Was Checking Temperatures Before It Was Cool Plus Celebrities Doing Good

1.  Sharon Stone was on top of this coronavirus thing before most of us were.  At her 62nd birthday party on March 8th, she had a nurse at the door taking temperatures.   She says, “People thought I was a little extreme.  That I was a little bit crazy.”



2.  Two NFL players have the coronavirus.  Denver Broncos defensive end Von Miller is expected to speak to the press today.



And L.A. Rams center Brian Allen tested positive several weeks ago.   Rams coach Sean McVay says Allen is “on the road to recovery.”



3.  Sam Smith thinks he and his sister have COVID-19, but they’re recovering.



4.  The opening to this week’s episode of “The Simpsons” appears to be a nod to quarantining.



5.  Just like Dr. OzDr. Phil is getting some backlash for comments he made about reopening the country.



Celebrities Doing Good: Major League Baseball, the Chainsmokers, and Louis CK


1.  Major League Baseball players have raised almost a million to provide meals for kids. 



2.  The Chainsmokers donated 20,000 masks to hospitals in New York and Las Vegas.



3.  This was probably more for the parents than the kids, but Jon Bon Jovi popped into a Florida teacher’s virtual kindergarten class.



4.  Louis CK threw down $30,000 for the wait staff at the Comedy Cellar in Manhattan.  Several other comedians have also donated.