4% of Us Are Friends with Someone Out of Pity

I’m a little surprised this number isn’t higher.  I can think of a few friends I’d cut out if I wasn’t sure they’d be emotionally crushed by it.  A survey in the U.K. found 4% of people are friends with at least one person out of pity.  So you only keep in touch because you feel bad for them.

The poll uncovered a few more friendship stats we thought were interesting.

1.  28% of adults said they don’t have a “best friend,” just regular friends.  That includes 31% of men and 26% of women.

2.  9% have at least one “friend” they secretly don’t like.

3.  35% of people value their true friends more than they did before COVID.  Women were even more likely to say yes to that.

4.  Even with all the time we’ve spent at home, a third of people said they’ve made at least one NEW friend in the past year.

5.  Fans of When Harry Met Sally will like this last stat:  84% of us now think it IS possible for men and women to just be friends.